Sunday jamming

Sunday jamming at home, after the rain.
All plugged into Fender Passport 300 Pro – Yamaha DGX, Shure SM58+TC Helicon H1, Ibanez AGR70+Zoom G3x, and Yamaha DTX430K.
Ibanez SR300 plugged into Marshall MB30, and Ibanez RGIR20E thru Marshall MG15CFXMS.








2 thoughts on “Sunday jamming

  1. Hi Aryaputra, I’ve had fun reading about your jamming sessions! It’s good you mentioned that you use TC Helicon H1 because I’m thinking of buying one as well. I’m just wondering if it’s still the harmonizer you use or is there a newer one that came out that’s better? I’m just asking because the only review I could find is this and it was helpful enough but I’m wanting more feedback before I pull the trigger. Do you recommend the Helicon H1 to a one-man act for live gigs? Thanks!

    1. hi Karla – TC Helicon H1 is good enough for one-man act for live gig. If you have power supply ready should be ok since this one it is not battery powered.
      For that reason i sold mine and had replaced that with a BOSS VE-2, 4AAs powered.

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